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  1. The answer for Question #4 on the first Equipment Test is incorrect. If the weep-hole leaks during a well-bore pressure test it indicates the ram shaft packing is leaking. For a surface stack, to continue the test until all components were tested you can energize the plastic secondary seal.

    Your suggestion for a correct answer is the Primary mud seal is leaking which is not correct because that would be the packer seals.

    A question to understand the weep-hole and secondary seal function is good but if the weep hole leaks during test it means immediate repair. The secondary seal is only if a leak develops when shut in making impossible to repair.

    Subsea stacks plug the weep-hole

  2. Travis says:

    P AND P NEW QUIZ 3 Question 3 (i. Im getting the incorrect answer. Im not sure what I’m doing wrong what’s the correct formula for it ?

  3. Keith Brown says:

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