IWCF Videos

Drill pipe shearing action


IWCF Well control formula no 1.

IWCF well control formula no 1 alternative use.

IWCF well control formula no 2 alternative use.

IWCF Well control formula no 2.

7 thoughts on “IWCF Videos

  1. mohamed says:

    how are you my friends i want Somme idea for iwcf§

    1. admin says:

      Ask what you want to ask

  2. rashid says:

    hello am planing to do iwcf course next month i need to learn eassy way not to get confused also kill sheet well control

    1. admin says:

      We will be posting recent IWCF questions and other questions with solutions shortly.

    2. admin says:

      Keep visiting the website we will provide you the easy way so that you do not get confused.

  3. prabhash karmakar says:

    hello admin
    i have some doubts regarding some question will that be okay if you share me your contact number.i promise that will be confidential. its urgent

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