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IWCF Well Control Equipment Quiz 1

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22 thoughts on “Equipment Quiz 1


    i will like 2know hw to get more practising test questions

  2. zhong says:


    1. admin says:

      thanks and visit forum : for more discussions.

      1. lucas says:

        i register but a mensage talk about .

        Your account is still awaiting admin approval.

        how long days for aproval ?
        whats i do now ?

  3. Tony Jackson says:

    Excellent website. Could you please tell me if it is possible to download this web and then work on it without the internet, as i don’t always have internet connections. I know just a little bit about computers and your help would be much appreciated.

  4. I will like to get more practiced on that well control

  5. ETIM says:

    enjoyed your session.good job

  6. lucas says:

    i will like know how i do for found more quiz ?

  7. lucas says:

    i need more quiz or exercices equipament tets .
    if you have please help me .

    1. lightbulb says:

      If you want different set of questions for IWCF practice daily get this app designed by me IWCF Well Control Quiz

  8. MARVIN says:

    In a surface drilling, How can a life well be killed when it has been shut in in an open hole (Blind/Share Ram) and with d string shared inside d hole. could not fish d tool with BHA due to pressure in d wellbore. Pls i need ur contributions this is a life scenario. wat kill method is applicable with a positive result to this scenario.

    1. lightbulb says:

      Volumetric Method. Do you need more information about volumetric method to kill a well?

  9. MARVIN says:

    Yes i do, I also would like to know how long it will take to kill d well with Volumetric method

    1. lightbulb says:

      This Volumetric Method of Well Control may be helpful regarding the volumetric method of well control. If you have any further questions please ask without hesitation.

  10. AMJAD says:

    greaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat web site
    i liked it

  11. Ebi says:

    its a very good site,and i like to know how i can get more practice questions.

  12. Saad Elhadi says:

    I do appreciate the efforts exerted on the site.

  13. Barine Epsi says:

    I love this test, and wish to continue,all day, it makes me more stronger.

  14. Barine Epsi says:

    Help me secure a driller’s job for me, tanx

  15. Epsi Barine says:

    This is a very good preparatory for me, it keeps me fit, and increases my performance speed for the job,

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