IWCF Barrier theory Questions

Q1 What kinds of fluids can be barriers?

Ans) Drilling fluids, sea water, completion brine and fresh water.

Q2) What are the types of mechanical barriers?

Ans) Closable and closed.

Q3) What methods can we use to set mechanical barriers?

Ans) Freeze and intervention ( coiled tubing, wireline, or snubbing).

Q4) How are barriers classified?

Ans) Primary secondary and tertiary.

Q5 Under which classification hydro static barrier can be classified?

Ans 5) A primary barrier

Q6) What are the elements of packing tubing envelope

Ans Packer,tubing,tubing Hanger,tubing Hanger seal and Christmas Tree.

Q7) What are the elements that see well pressure?

Ans 7)Casing below packer, packer, tubing packer, tubing, christmas tree

Q8)What are the elements of the envelope to stop the annulus from flowing?

Ans) Packer, casing, valves, hanger seal, and overbalanced fluid.

Q9) What barriers contain a leak below the safety valve?

Ans) Casing, valves, and hanger seal.

Q10) What conditions must a hydrostatic barrier meet ?

Ans) It must be observable at surface and sustainable.

Q 11) What is a barrier?

Ans) Anything that stops the well from flowing.

Q12) What is an element and what is an envelope?

Ans) An element is a component of well control and the envelope is the group of all components that see pressure.

Q13 How many barriers must we have to block the well?

Answer 13) atleast two barriers

Q 14) What are the types of barriers?

Ans 14) Hydrostatic and Mechanical

Q15)How should we conduct pressure tests of barriers?

Ans 15) Pressure should be applied in the direction of the flow.

Q 16) Under what conditions we cannot inflow test?

Answer 16) If there is no pressure below.

Q 17) What is a barrier that seals from above and below called?

Answer 17 A positive plug.

Q 18) What do we do if we cannot inflow test?

Answer ) pressure test

Q 19) What is the first step before any intervention?

Ans 19) Testing the tree valves.

Q 20) What is the condition for a fluid to be considered a barrier?

Answer 20 ) It must be over balanced.

Q 21) Where is the problem if we have a leak above the safety valve?

Ans 21) The tubing or the hanger seal.

Q22)What barriers contain a leak at the packer?

Ans 22) The over-balanced hydrostatic pressure.

Q23) What are the barriers in wireline?

Ans 23)  1st: stuffing box.
2nd: wireline BOP.
3rd: wire-cutting valve.

Q 24)What are some examples of closed mechanical barriers?

Ans Stuffing box, stripper,  plugs and grease heads.

Q25) What are some examples of closable mechanical barriers?

Ans 25 ) BOP, BHA check valves, x-mas tree gate valves, sub-sea safety valves.


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