Formula No.1 Hydrostatic Pressure

In this sequence I will take up how to use IWCF Well Control Formulas. I will explain you the formula and show you how to use it with some simple problems.


Let us start with formula no. 1



Mud Density (ppg) x 0.052 x TVD (ft)

The video below will do the job..



Formula no. 1 can also be used to find Mud Density or TVD if any one of the quantities and the Hydrostatic Pressure is given. The two videos below show how to use the formula no. 1 to find Mud Density and TVD. And there is calculator trick very useful for calculating values using a simple calculator faster and easily.

EXAMPLE for Formula 1:
Drilling Fluid Density = 11.2 ppg
Well TVD = 11,000 ft
Well MD = 12,500 ft
Calculate Hydrostatic pressure
Hydrostatic pressure = 11.2 x 0.052×11,000 = 6406.4 psi.

Use this Calculator for Formula No.1 test for different values of Mud Weight and TVD

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