There is an increasing interest in green good purchasing. People realize that if they do not take action to protect our earth now, it will be too late. Packaging comes with every product we buy. Have you ever thought about buying green products and at the same time using packaging that is environmentally friendly?

We launched a bio-based and biodegradable foodservice disposables product line under the name GreenGood®. All our products with the GreenGood® logo on it are made from 100% biodegradable materials ; PLA (NatureWorks corn resin), high heat tolerant CPLA, dual-ovenable Sugarcane (Bagasse) or post-consumer recycled material. After use, the products can be composted or recycled.

In addition to the GreenGood® products you find here, we also work closely together with our customers to design customized GreenGood® products. Just contact us at for more information.

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