Flareum Solar Technologies Private Limited

Flareum Solar Technologies Private Limited (Formerly Gadhia Solar Energy Systems Private Limited)
Flareum Solar Technologies Private Limited is a solar thermal energy company and provides energy solutions using parabolic concentrated technology. The company’s systems can deliver energy in the forms of hot air, thermic fluid, steam or pressurized hot water for any application. It serves a wide range of industries ranging from pharmaceuticals, food processors, hospitals, commercial office developers, etc.
Website: www.gadhia-solar.com
Email Adress: badal@gadhia-solar.com
Board of Directors: Badal Bhupatrai Shah,Jyostna Shah.
Flareum Technologies, a brainchild of the 34-year-old Badal Shah, created a few ripples this placement season hiring 35 graduates from 16 top B-schools including five IIMs.
Armed with a $12-million funding commitment from investor IFC, Flareum wants to use its band of new managers to create more IPR, develop new solar products and net more large corporate customers. Eventually, it wants to take its wares to Asia and Africa.”We have begun the process of filing for patents and we don’t rule out acquiring some too,” says Badal Shah, CMD, Flareum.

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