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About ECOZEN :
Ecozen Solutions is a start up of IIT Kharagpur graduates focused at providing energy and environment solutions to businesses in India. It was started in Sep ’09 with a motive to create awareness against poor energy management practices, to drive sustainability in the burgeoning Indian market, and elevate the Indian industry to the standards and expectations of a developed nation in the new era. Motivated towards providing the developing India a Sustainable present and a Green future, Ecozen Solutions offers B2B Solutions to industries and offices in the following fields

Energy Accounting and Analysis
Energy Conservation & Management
Carbon Footprint Evaluation & Mitigation
Adoption and Installation of Green Renewable Energy
Green Building Design and Certifications
They offer a complete package of services supporting our clients’ business in improving its operational efficiency, environmental impact and market image.They are constantly striving hard to provide customized and innovative solutions to our clients through our Product Innovation and Development Cell. Our service packages are based on the approach of

Evaluate > Recommend > Innovate > Implement > Publish
Their primary USP is their innovative and afresh approach to real life problems and solving them with the Indian philosophy of lean solutions. Another important aspect of our operational strategy is EcoLead, their on-campus model which is currently running at IIT Kharagpur, and IIT Powai, Mumbai. These models actively engage the sharp minded student community of India’s top colleges in offering solutions to its industry, thus giving them a platform to learn and lead while offering them an opportunity to earn while they learn through on-campus jobs. These underlying traits of our model make us conventionally unconventional.


Narrowing down on our long term mission, we have defined our ten year plan and set targets to be realized by year 2020, gelling with India’s ambition of becoming a developed country by the same. We look forward to contribute our best to the efforts of India as a country to realize its ambition, and seek support of our clients, the zealous youth community, and on a micro level – every individual as an ‘Indian’, for the same.

Re-affirming our commitment, we aim to

Generate up to 30% energy savings in 1.5 million set ups/establishments
Contribute 3 GW of solar power installation to India’s target of achieving 20 GW solar power generation by 2020.
Achieve 15% fraction of SMEs and Large Scale Industries adopting Corporate Sustainability Reporting and involving actively in environment related measures.
Realize a 20% fraction of the new building planned and constructed between 2010 and 2020 to be having sustainable design, complying with the guidelines and certifications of Indian Green Building Council (IGBC)
Realize a 15% fraction of existing buildings having annual carbon footprints above 5000 tons equivalent CO2 to acquire IGBC certifications
Reaching out to 150 million individuals through our training and awareness program
Generating 20,000 jobs for motivated and well-groomed individuals retaining potent Indian talent for the development of the country.

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  1. Ashok Kumar Chandra says:

    Hi Sir,

    I have completed my M.Tech in Power Electronics & Electrical Drives from Indian School of Mines, Dhanbad, completed my B.Tech in Electrical and Electronics Engineering(EEE) and want to join your company as i am a quick learner and hardworking and working with you all will enhance my skills and i would get a good platform to learn new things and work on them which will make me a valuable asset to your organization. Also i have a good academic record throughout the years. My CV is attached below.
    Anticipating your favorable response and acceptance.

    Thanking You!
    Your’s Sincerely,
    Ashok Kumar Chandra

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