Life of Mechanical Engineer posted on Rig


Naveen (Interviewer) : Hi Ritesh
(Mechanical Engineer): Hey Naveen.

Naveen (Interviewer): What are your educational qualifications?
(Mechanical Engineer): I did my B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Surat.

Naveen (Interviewer): Where are you working and what is your work profile?
(Mechanical Engineer): I am working in ONGC as AEE (Mechanical). I am looking out maintenance of equipment at  Drilling rig.


Naveen (Interviewer): What is the reason behind you joining ONGC?
(Mechanical Engineer): Obviously its pay package, no other company gives you this much pay package initially at joining level. Since I am from UP so we generally do prefer PSUs.


Naveen (Interviewer): What is your pay package?
(Mechanical Engineer): Gross pay comes around 10 Lac. Apart from this, there is full medical facility provided by company for you and your dependents.

Naveen (Interviewer) :Tell me something about your job in ONGC?
(Mechanical Engineer) : My main job is to ensure that there is no operational shutdown of equipments (e.g. engines, Mud pumps, compressors, generators etc.), to carry out trouble shooting and predictive maintenance of these equipment, plan requirement and procurements of spares, material and equipments.

Naveen (Interviewer): Do you have field job?
(Mechanical Engineer): Yes, Since joining I have been posted on drilling rig in Mechanical Maintenance department.

Naveen (Interviewer): What is career profile of Maintenance engineer on Drilling Rig?
(Mechanical Engineer):First you join in shift in order to understand operation, processes of drilling, function and role of equipments necessary for these operation. Learn about routine maintenance and common problems occurring in equipments during operation. Know hydraulic, pneumatic system and control system for various equipments and their troubleshooting. After you become Rig engineer, it turns out about planning maintenance of equipments and their troubleshooting, managing of spares, material and human resources of Rig. Also experience is necessary for troubleshooting with knowledge.

Naveen (Interviewer) : Tell me about challenges you face in your job as a Mechanical Engineer?
(Mechanical Engineer) : Managing with limited resource of material and spares during shutdown of equipment make alternate arrangement (Jugaad) so that operation is not affected and well is in safe position. Coordinating different groups for work, managing and motivating people,

Naveen (Interviewer): What would you suggest for campus student that they should do to get job in oil Industry? Suggest some books for preparation for off-campus students.
(Mechanical Engineer): (On Campus) Firstly you should be sure that you want to do job in oil industry, because generally its first job that gives direction to your professional career. Knowledge required for work here is quite different from what you learned in mechanical engineering in college. Also work environment specially on drilling rig is quite challenging physically. You should get detailed information about your work profile from your recruiter. For off campus student, you should have basic knowledge of core subjects of mechanical engineering and aptitude knowledge. For this any Mechanical Engineering Handbook or GATE book is sufficient. If you are interested to work in PSU companies like ONGC, IOCL, HPCL then it’s advisable to read some general knowledge and current affair books.

Naveen (Interviewer) : Narrate your Interview questions so that it can help to juniors.
(Mechanical Engineer) : Sometimes they ask about your favorite subjects and then ask question from general topics of that subject. In my case they asked some basic question about pumps and Heat exchangers. In PSU interview they ask your view on some current affair and some GK questions. You should also get some basic information about company.

Naveen (Interviewer)
: What is the role of Maintenance Engineer in drilling?
(Mechanical Engineer) : Since operation cost of drilling rig is high, it’s important that we should have minimum shutdown time of equipments. So maintenance engineer should plan maintenance of equipments by preparing maintenance schedules based on maintenance charts, operation and carry out preventive maintenance according to it and ensure maximum availability of equipment. Improve maintainability of equipments by carrying out special repair and modification. Carry out troubleshooting and predictive maintenance of equipments and ensure that equipment is running healthy and efficiently.

Feel free for any queries and doubts regarding job in ONGC , offcampus interview help and knowing more about job profile in ONGC.

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  1. vishwajeet mishra says:

    Sir I have 2 years work experience on drilling rig site as GET mechanical. Please suggest some New opportunities in this sector for growth.

    1. soheb shaikh says:

      i am fresher in mech engg can u help in finding a job in this field

  2. kumar says:

    hello sir,
    i done in electrical,with second class.I would like join in oil rigs as contractor emp or permanent,i saw lot of designations like electrical design engg,plc programmer engg,electrical maintaince engg etc.As beginner from where i want to start for better future.plz suggest me sir

  3. kumar says:

    And small dout sir IOCL&HPCL this both companies comes under oil rigs or not

    1. admin says:

      IOCL and HPCL has started owning oil rigs but rigs are few in numbers.

  4. Gaurav Gupta says:

    Respected Sir
    I am a fresher in engineering department . I have done my in mechanical from Govt. Engg College Ajmer.
    In ONGC company I want to join please suggest that which post is suitable for me.

    1. admin says:

      Can you provide your phone number and emailid so that we can further help you.

      1. Anirudh says:

        I am Anirudh from kerala.. I have completed BE mechanical and having almost 5.5 years experience in production field.. How can i get into rig , i am very much interested working there but i didnt get any opportunities to get into that.. please help me..
        phone -9995398112

      2. Kalander naina mohamed says:

        I am a marine engineer and having a sailing experience and fresher to rigging can i join and which rank they will provide me.pls suggest.i am waiting for your reply sir.

      3. jay says:

        sir my email id is what should be the answer of the question why do you want to join ongc in interview for aee mechanical? my interview is on 12th jun.

  5. Bhuvan says:

    Sir, am btech mechanical 3rd year student, entering fourth year nw. Please tell wat courses shld i do to get a job on a oil rig. Is enough or should i specialise in some stream in How should i apply to job ?

    1. admin says:

      btech is enough but you should study on petroleum engineering online.

  6. Prakash Kumar says:

    Sir, I’hv done BE in mechanical and diploma in industrial safety. Now I wanted to shape my career in drill rig offshore, How can I get a job as a mechanical maintenance engineer. I’m in mumbai…plz respond me
    Whatsapp 7200462358
    Is that okay to start from workshop as entry-level.

  7. Rejikumar says:

    Dear sir. I am a diploma mechanical engineer. After completing diploma I done GP rating. Now I am working as a engine fitter with 40 months experience. I like to shift rig.
    What is the contract period? Which position I get in rig? What is the pay scale. Please contact me

  8. Prashant Misal says:

    How to decide between AEE Mechanical and AEE Drilling?

  9. krunal says:

    Respected Sir
    I am a fresher in engineering
    department . I have done my in
    mechanical from Govt. Engg College
    In ONGC company I want to join please
    suggest that which post is suitable for

  10. PAWAN KUMAR says:

    Dear sir,
    I have applied for AEE-Mechanical in ONGC . I have completed my mechanical engineering from NIT Agartala. My interview is on 17th june. How should i prepare for this and what are the areas that i need to focus.
    please suggest me sir.
    email id-
    whats app no.- 9862826505

  11. Jacob says:

    Respected sir
    I’m a fresher , I completed my marine engineering . I would like to join in rig. Would you please guide me about this and what category of work will I get in rig? And kindly suggest me sir.

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