Naveen (Interviewer) : Hi Ritesh
(Mechanical Engineer): Hey Naveen.

Naveen (Interviewer): What are your educational qualifications?
(Mechanical Engineer): I did my B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering from NIT Surat.

Naveen (Interviewer): Where are you working and what is your work profile?
(Mechanical Engineer): I am working in ONGC as AEE (Mechanical). I am looking out maintenance of equipment at  Drilling rig.


Naveen (Interviewer): What is the reason behind you joining ONGC?
(Mechanical Engineer): Obviously its pay package, no other company gives you this much pay package initially at joining level. Since I am from UP so we generally do prefer PSUs.


Naveen (Interviewer): What is your pay package?
(Mechanical Engineer): Gross pay comes around 10 Lac. Apart from this, there is full medical facility provided by company for you and your dependents.

Naveen (Interviewer) :Tell me something about your job in ONGC?
(Mechanical Engineer) : My main job is to ensure that there is no operational shutdown of equipments (e.g. engines, Mud pumps, compressors, generators etc.), to carry out trouble shooting and predictive maintenance of these equipment, plan requirement and procurements of spares, material and equipments.

Naveen (Interviewer): Do you have field job?
(Mechanical Engineer): Yes, Since joining I have been posted on drilling rig in Mechanical Maintenance department.

Naveen (Interviewer): What is career profile of Maintenance engineer on Drilling Rig?
(Mechanical Engineer):First you join in shift in order to understand operation, processes of drilling, function and role of equipments necessary for these operation. Learn about routine maintenance and common problems occurring in equipments during operation. Know hydraulic, pneumatic system and control system for various equipments and their troubleshooting. After you become Rig engineer, it turns out about planning maintenance of equipments and their troubleshooting, managing of spares, material and human resources of Rig. Also experience is necessary for troubleshooting with knowledge.

Naveen (Interviewer) : Tell me about challenges you face in your job as a Mechanical Engineer?
(Mechanical Engineer) : Managing with limited resource of material and spares during shutdown of equipment make alternate arrangement (Jugaad) so that operation is not affected and well is in safe position. Coordinating different groups for work, managing and motivating people,

Naveen (Interviewer): What would you suggest for campus student that they should do to get job in oil Industry? Suggest some books for preparation for off-campus students.
(Mechanical Engineer): (On Campus) Firstly you should be sure that you want to do job in oil industry, because generally its first job that gives direction to your professional career. Knowledge required for work here is quite different from what you learned in mechanical engineering in college. Also work environment specially on drilling rig is quite challenging physically. You should get detailed information about your work profile from your recruiter. For off campus student, you should have basic knowledge of core subjects of mechanical engineering and aptitude knowledge. For this any Mechanical Engineering Handbook or GATE book is sufficient. If you are interested to work in PSU companies like ONGC, IOCL, HPCL then it’s advisable to read some general knowledge and current affair books.

Naveen (Interviewer) : Narrate your Interview questions so that it can help to juniors.
(Mechanical Engineer) : Sometimes they ask about your favorite subjects and then ask question from general topics of that subject. In my case they asked some basic question about pumps and Heat exchangers. In PSU interview they ask your view on some current affair and some GK questions. You should also get some basic information about company.

Naveen (Interviewer)
: What is the role of Maintenance Engineer in drilling?
(Mechanical Engineer) : Since operation cost of drilling rig is high, it’s important that we should have minimum shutdown time of equipments. So maintenance engineer should plan maintenance of equipments by preparing maintenance schedules based on maintenance charts, operation and carry out preventive maintenance according to it and ensure maximum availability of equipment. Improve maintainability of equipments by carrying out special repair and modification. Carry out troubleshooting and predictive maintenance of equipments and ensure that equipment is running healthy and efficiently.

Feel free for any queries and doubts regarding job in ONGC , offcampus interview help and knowing more about job profile in ONGC.

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48 Responses to Life of Mechanical Engineer posted on Rig
  1. hello sir,
    I am pursuing my B.Tech. in mechanical from Jaipur National University. Just after B.Tech, i want to work in oil companies (for high pay scale). please give me some useful information regarding this.

    • Visit this site regularly and become a member at http://www.knowenerggysolutions.com/forum/ Ask your friends to join it and discuss your queries related to oil field. On this website you will find material related to Energy Industry. But I want you to participate with your classmates and ask your queries . Conduct discussions competitions or whatever you need in Jaipur.The thing is improve your knowledge and managerial skills and you will reach heights in your career. Also, there is no limit on money which you can earn in oil Industry. We were looking to organize energy competitions in Jaipur as Jaipur has so many engineering colleges with students waiting for opportunities.

    • hello sir
      this year ONGC recruiting through GATE 2015 , and vacancies in production department is 217 and allowed steams are mechanical ,petroleum and chemical in this production department . So my question is that how many vacancies out of 217 will be occupied by mechanical enggg , chemical engg and petroleum engg. ??

      ANY GUESS ??..:)

  2. Hello sir,
    i am persuing marine engineering and i’m interested to join this oil and gas industry. I want to know as marine engineer ”which all post i can apply for”? And since marine engg. Is almost equivalent to mechanical engg. Therefore how can i join this industry and for which post i should apply?

  3. hi sir,

    i just have completed BE mechanical from mumbai university. interested to do career in same field. but it is difficult to get information that how to start career .

    1)which course want to do ?? institute name & address /website

    2)is there any special course for mechanical engineer ? like GME for marine engineer

    2) other than ONGC , how to enter in indian private oil rigs /abroad rigs ??

  4. please tell me about the exam which held for entrance in ongc.

  5. sir,
    Its an basic task require for me ,just i need what should i prefer as “Main project Title” and what the operation should i prefer as an Mechanical Engineer in ONGC .Its an project work for me.please help me out

  6. Sir,
    I am a Mechanical Engineer and need to know about short term courses which i can do to get a job in oil rig. Please help me find one as there is a lot of fraud institutions offering courses like this.

  7. I like oil rig work very much & i would like to work in the field if i’ll get an opportunity.

  8. can you tell me the job profile for electrical engineering???

    • IT depends on posting whether you get posted in field or office or plant. But it normally involves dealing with maintenance of electrical motors generators. Like our page on facebook.

  9. Mechanical or production________which has more field work??Admin please reply in short.

    • Mechanical definetely has more field work. And production is preferable than mechanical. Like our page on facebook and you can ask queries there also.

  10. IF I do IWCF, then would i get a job ?

    What is the procedure to get a job in onshore/offshore sector ?

    Kindly email me

    • You can get a job if you have done IWCF but you have to arrange interview through referal process. In which country you are living?

  11. I would highly appreciate if you can draw a brief comparison of cons and pros of both Mechanical and Production Profile.
    Pls admin reply asap – I need to fill my priority in ONGC registration.
    Thanks in Advance


    • There is no extra preparation needed only you have to pass Mines electrical supervisor certificate. Like our page on facebook.

  13. Sir,
    I’m presently working as process engineer. I would like to know whether process engineers are required in oil field,i had completed BE mechanical and Production. I’m confused whether i should continue as Process engineer or whether i will get job in future in oil and gas. Please reply .

  14. Admin if you can please tell that after how much experiance a Mechanical engineer get salary mentioned in this interview


  16. Admin am graduated as B.E mechanical engineer and also working as a service engineer for construction equipments. so is ther any possibilities for me to join in offshore oil rigs and further what r al the things i shud follow to get a job.

  17. @admin
    I secured 78 marks in Mec-ONGC 2014
    ST category
    What are my prospects

  18. Sir,
    I am a final year mechanical engineering student.I am doing my B-Tech in Kerala.I wish to pursue my career in oil industry.How can i make into this industry.My course will get end by next April.

  19. Please give me some information rewarding transport officer job profile in ongc and future prospect. Thank you

    • ITs a job which deals with dealing trailers supply and crane supply. Transport officer have to manage trailer cranes and other transport for ONGC.

  20. please provide the consultancy/ company addresses which are recruitment mechanical engineer freshers in oil Rigs.i have STCW 95 certificates.i want to work in RIGS.

  21. Sir,iam ananthu iam studing in BE Mech Engg. Iam intersted in working in oil and gas field ..my interest is to study BE petroluem engineering but due to some financial problem i want to forget my dreams but i joined in mech engg aftr browsing more informations about job opportunities of mech engineers in petroleum field…and after completing this BE degree wht are the steps that i want to follow or study dor getting a job in oil and gas field…plz reply…

    • Keep on studying more on Oil and gas sector. BAsically you should decide that you want to work in drilling or mechanical engineer in oil industry and then focus for it. ALso submit your resume on jobs section in this website.

  22. Resp. sir. I am a B.tech in Mechanical and Automation engineering. am i eligible as a mechanical engineer in ongc. my university does not offer Mechanicsal Engineering but it gives equivalent certificate stating that our degree is equivalent to mechanical engineering. please let me know. I wish to work in drilling deptt. in ongc

  23. Em a fresher mechanical engineer since 2014.. now i understood what the role if mechanical engineers at rig n all.. thanks for the kindful interview buddy……

  24. Sir I m Mohd. Sadakat from jodhpur. Rajasthan I did b.tech in electrical engineering and now I want to make my career in oil and gas industry so tell me what should I do….
    Can I apply for IWCF course in ongc or it is for candidate already working in oil and industry only?

  25. I’m a mechanical engineer n I sort got a job as roustabout in ABAN OFFSHORE n I got it through recommendation so was wounding if those ppl r cheating me or wat…n they said I need to go from d lowest lowest stage to get a proper job.. But d owner said me as junior engineer but d HR assistance do all this and I heard that roustabout don’t need to be educated to do that job… So was wondering if u could please help me check out if I could get a junior engineer job directly or i should start from roustabout… Thanks alot

    • I would suggest that you should start as Junior engineer not as roastabout as mechanical engineer is not supposed to do work of roastabout.

  26. sir

    my rank is 445 gate i want to join material management in ONGC but un able to find anything regarding that, kindly help for same.

  27. can you please tell the future prospective wrt to foreign companies after having work x for 3-4 years, being a production or maintenance AEE in ongc

  28. Dear Sir.
    It’s my pleasure to work in oil and gas industry. If any vacancies in this field Please inform me.

  29. hello sir
    this year ONGC recruiting through GATE 2015 , and vacancies in production department is 217 and allowed steams are mechanical ,petroleum and chemical in this production department . So my question is that how many vacancies out of 217 will be occupied by mechanical enggg , chemical engg and petroleum engg. ??

    ANY GUESS ??..:)

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