This site is all about Energy and fields associated with it. Here you will find information on different areas of energy sector, it may be Oil field, Energy Financials, insight into energy sector job profiles, IWCF Well Control, Drilling and for more fruitful discussion you may visit the forum.

Conventional Energy

Conventional Energy sources meet more than 90 percent of the world energy requirement. These include fossil fuels like, oil, gas. The hydro power also falls in the category of conventional energy sources. The development seen by the present human civilization is the result of exploitation of these resources. Read about Conventional Energy Sources

Non-conventional Energy

Although total contribution of non-conventional energy sources is even less than 10 percent of the world energy requirement yet they will be the power house of the future. Non-conventional sources like, solar, wind, geothermal and tidal provide the hope for the sustainable growth of our race.  Read about Non-Conventional Energy Sources.

Energy Professionals

Before jumping into a job in any field some inside information can be of great help. Energy sector offers a wide variety of jobs in different fields. The experience shared by energy professionals regarding their jobs and life can be valuable for you. Read about the Energy Professionals Profiles.

Energy Exams

To prove your knowledge and experience in energy sector you have to take exams related to the particular fields. There are different certification exams associated with different fields of energy sector like, IWCF Well Control Certificate for drilling and ERP (Energy Risk Professional) for financial risk analysis of energy industry. Read about Energy Exams.

Energy Startups

There was a time when a start-up meant a software company. Now fifty percent of the start-ups are in energy sector whether conventional or non-conventional. Most of the energy start-ups are the field of green energy and solutions related to it. Read more about the hot Energy Start-Ups of the day.

Energy Financials

Energy has the largest financial market in the world. Energy in different forms, crude oil, electricity or nuclear fuels, is traded in billions of USD every day. Finance is a vital part of the energy industry. To be in energy business one should also master its financials. Read more about Energy Financials.

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